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Our leader, C'Yo, firmly believes in a holistic approach to cre8ing the quality of life we desire to live.  This includes fitness, aligning our professional endeavors with our personal interest, and a solid work-life balance.  All of which you will have access to on this page.  This is where C'Yo will share his joy languages, provide a view into his day to day activities and share complimentary workouts to help hold you all accountable for maintaining your greatest wealth, which is your health.



Urban Cardio Dance® "We Are the Mix"

Urban Cardio Dance® (UCD), is a dance workout derived from a combination of urbanized dance styles, ranging from old/new school hip-hop, street jazz, African, Latin, contemporary, and commercial dance. These styles are fused together to create industry-like choreography in a format that is simple and fun to follow for all fitness levels. UCD choreography combined with the charisma of C'Yo transforms into a high energy, intense and super fun cardiovascular workout that makes the participants ask for more.



Enjoy one of our UCD routines below

C'YO Can Help You Create Your Own Fit Routine