The Blog is About Nothing. It's Ok, You Need a Break

Your fave, C'Yo, was recently interviewed, by the Charlotte Observer, on the topic of practicing Niksen.  See below for what he had to say......
"C'Yo, the founder of Urban Cardio Dance, said that he started practicing niksen after experiencing extreme fatigue, anxiety and sleep deprivation."

Clicek here for the full article 



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The link to the article isn’t working, but if this idea sounds like it’s name, I’ve been practicing this for years. Our culture believes it is necessary to always be busy, whereas I feel it is necessary to be intentional about taking a break from the busier aspect of our lives. Working, striving, learning, doing, etc. is the norm for most of us, however, without the balance of KNOWING it’s OK to say no or do nothing, one can easily overextend themselves and lessen their value to any one particular duty. For those who have not embraced this idea, it can come across as selfish or lazy, but as a Christian, I am in good company, since even God Himself knew the importance of resting (Gen 2:2 ). I am interested to read your article. I hope the link becomes available soon.

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