Joy Languages, What Are Your Four?

Joy Language: an activity or hobby that you enjoy doing because it simply brings joy to your heart.

Do you know what your joy languages are?  If you don't have any, no worries, because after reading this blog you are required to make your first joy language list.  Yup, YOU ARE REQUIRED, in love. (insert your favorite emoji here) Now grab a paper and a writing utensil and read the rest of this blog so you can understand exactly how to complete this fun task.  

Let’s begin. Write down a minimum of four activities on your paper. These can be activities that you already deem as enjoyable or that you’ve taken interest in but failed to cr8 time for.  After you make the list, you are required to do at least one of the four activities once a week. You are welcome to do more than one activity a week, but you are required to do at least one.  Another requirement is that you must maintain this commitment for at least three months. Doing so will ensure that this weekly investment into your joy and personal interest will become a habit.  This is important because being committed to this will also promote ownership in cr8ing your happiness. Dead are the days we wait around for happiness to find us. While we have additional time to do so, we will cr8 the joy we want to see and live.

See below for my personal joy list and feel free to share yours in the comment section.     

C’Yo’s Joylist

  1. Dance
  2. Cr8ive writing
  3. Photography
  4. Listening to and discovering new music


C’Yo Brown

Yo, all these are dope. @Cakes I would’ve never thought of an animal bringing joy because of those reasons. You just might convince me to get a puppy. @Anna I love the dinner date as an opportunity to connect w/ friends. You just helped me realize I enjoy that more than I thought.


Cooking: creativity in the kitchen calms the spirit
Hiking: fresh air and sounds of nature connect me to a higher being
Travel: New cultures/customs/ foods bring me closer to humanity and the sense of being a citizen of the world
Animals: unconditional love/aggression. Mutual respect learned and earned


Travel – I love experiencing new places, learning about cultures, try different foods etc.
Reading books
Watching Sitcoms / other comedies
Cuddling with cats / animals
Dinner parties / good conversations with friends

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