Man Care, C'Yo Share's His Skin Care Regimen/ Youth Product Review

I am starting this blog off with a reflection.  Yup, I want to go back to the 11th grade when my literature teacher told me that after I turned 18, life would pass me by.  While my personal experience showed me that it starts to fly after the age of 21, the concept of life breezing by after childhood remains true for us both.  This is being referenced because as an ambitious person with goals that society can often make seem time sensitive, taking care of myself is uber important.  The goal is to preserve my natural youthful look for as long as possible.  So along with me attending to my fitness, I’ve also started to become very intentional about my skin care regimen.  So much so that I’ve started to share commentary about my efforts via my social media.  This inturn caught the attention of the skincare brand Yeouth, leading to one of the brand reps and I forming a product review partnership. Inspired by our collaboration, II’m super excited to share details about my experience with you guys. 

The first product I sampled was their Vitamin C, Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Seaweed facial cleanser. 

To order this product, visit and use my reference #S03138390

I used this for my morning and evening wash.  During the evening, I would follow up with a night cream to help with moisture.  After a month of using the wash, I’ve seen a noticeable difference in the moisture and tone of my skin.  This is important to me because at one time I would avoid using face moisturizer out of fear that it’d clog my pores, leading to acne.  The Vitamin C face wash cleanses while not drying the face out.  I also love how the solution goes a long way.  I’m able to work up a good enough lather with a drop that’s big as the tip of my index finger.

The next product I sampled was the skin peel. 

After years of skin discoloration from shaving, and scars from popping pimples, I finally decided to explore doing a peel.  Originally I was planning to get one done by a dermatologist, but to my avail, my Yeouth skin care rep advised me that they carry one that is designed to be self administered.  With their easy to follow instructions, I did my first round at home and it was successful.  Two days afterwards, my 10 year old son asked me if I had makeup on. This was when I really knew the results of the peel were significant.  I plan to do two more rounds.

To order this product, visit and use my reference #S03138390

With the success of both products, I’ve developed a new daily regimen that I’m proud to share.

Every day I aim to drink at least two bottles of water.  Due to me being a big consumer of energy drinks, I often drink three.  Additionally, every night before I wash, I take Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin, and Nail gummies. My wash routine involves the Yeouth Vitamin C solution.  6 days a week I only use my hands with water to work the lather into my face, whereas once a week I use my dome face brush.  After washing, I use witch hazel for a natural astringent and chase it with a night cream to help lock in moisture.  In the mornings I do the Vitamin C wash and witch hazel again.  At one time I moisturized my skin with coconut oil, but recently found out that it’s  bad for the skin so I am planning to try jojoba oil instead.  I’ll do a review on it as well.

Because of scarring from the acne, I also use a retinol cream once a week, in the morning.  Before I leave the house, I always apply a layer of SPF sunblock.

In short, I routinely...

  • Hydrate 
  • Take vitamins
  • Complete a daily am and pm wash
  • Use moisturizer day and night 
  • Apply sunblock daily
  • Recommend a skin peel to help reset if needed

If any of my readers have anything to add, feel free to drop your skin care jewels in the comments.

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