Hydration Can Be Therapeutic

After feeling energized and uber present for three consecutive days, I have to tell you about my hydration therapy experience on November 12th.

Yup, I’ve been out here living my life and didn’t share it until now.  Hey guys, everything can’t immediately go up on social media.  Sheesh, however, my delayed posting is somewhat intentional, allowing me enough time to have a few days, post the moment, so I can provide a thorough review.  Before I share details about my personal experience, I have a question.  

Are you familiar with the concept of IV hydration therapy, also known as drip treatments? 

If not, l’m about to hip ya.  IV hydration therapy is a safe and medically supported immune system boosting process that puts much needed hydration and special vitamins quickly into your body.  The “how” this is done is within the name, as the method requires the use of an IV to transport all the health improving goodies into your body.  As it pertains to how a booked session would go, it’s a 45 minute appointment that is facilitated by an ER experienced, medically trained and diploma earned staff member.  As you receive your hydration treatment, you can relax at their beautiful office, located on East Blvd, conveniently placed in the Dilworth neighborhood of greater Charlotte, NC. Furthermore, the hydration therapy sessions are calming experiences that are also perfect opportunities to meditate.  

If this is your first time hearing of the concept, it was mine too, as well as learning about Hydrate Medical, the facility I visited to receive my IV hydrate therapy session.  When I arrived I was greeted by friendly staff, as they advertise on their website.  Being raised by a mother who takes interest in interior design, I made an immediate note of the facility’s interior vibe.  It’s modern, fresh, and calming.  The two staff members who set me up were very friendly, professional and did a great job at articulating the process in a way that I was able to understand.  The medical assistant Kristen stood out to me the most.  More specifically, I loved how although I had to sit through the process of getting a needle in my arm, she made the procedure quick and seamlessly executed. 

Per the advice of Kristen, I really felt the impact of the drip two days after completing it.  As a result I plan to purchase a pack and am recommending you all give it a try.  When you go, make sure you say C’Yo sent ya.

Hydrate Medical

228 East blvd

Unit 200

Charlotte, NC 28203

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