Black Parade CLT


Continuing support of the BLM movement, C’Yo helps promote Charlotte, NC black owned business through his love of dance.

10/15/2020 CHARLOTTE, NC

To continue supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and amplifying black voices, C'Yo felt it was essential to participate in the Black August celebration.  His participation includes attending the historic Commitment March in DC, as well as the release of his collaborative performance visual with Charlotte, NC based plus size dance company, 4ThrityTwo . Inspired by and building upon the concept of Beyonce's hit song Black Parade, the performance visual will use the art of dance and cinematography to recognize/promote Charlotte black-owned businesses, many who were invited to be guest features of the visual.  

Premiere Date: October 15, 2020

Where: Across all social media platforms and our websites: along with

Corey “C’Yo” Brown is a fitness and media professional as well as the creator and owner of CYO LLC.  Encompassing in the CYO LLC brand is C’Yo’s uniquely choreographed and trademarked dance fitness program, Urban Cardio Dance (UCD), the CYO Podcast discussing all things fit, culturally pop and socially responsible as well as the hosting of thoughtful community events.

Contact: Corey C’Yo Brown


IG: cyobrown, urbancardiodance and cyoshow

FB: @urbancardiodance

Meet the highlighted black owned businesses below

Meet A Bundle of Faith


A Bundle of Faith is a website and blog focused on infertility and fertility information and education, created by Narissa Roper an IVF warrior herself. Narissa created a bundle of faith as a refuge and a safe place for women and men alike to be educated and ask questions about the tough subject of infertility. 1 in 8 couples will experience infertility in their lifetime and a bundle of faith is the place that Narissa and many others lacked during their infertility journey. A place where couples or singles trying to conceive can feel like their journey is beautiful and that they are not alone but a part of a large unique community.

Meet B. The. Entrepreneur

B.The.Entrepreneur was established to close the educational gap surrounding foundational business principles, B.The.Entrepreneur helps entrepreneurs transition their startup from vision to a profit generating venture. Through our signature 1:1 coaching program, our Digital Institute of Entrepreneurship, and an extensive suite of resources, we eliminate the guesswork from the business planning process and deliver solutions to conduct target market research, secure funding, build effective pre-launch marketing campaigns, and establish tactical operations strategies." 

Meet Momentous of Touch


Momentous Touch is a home design service for clients that are looking for home organization, garage organization and interior redecorating. Our designs focus on sustainability and minimalist features. Our mission is to expand the vision of merging old and new. We pursue to keep the vision of our clients priority in anything that we do.

Meet Premier Pharmacy and Wellness Center

Premier Pharmacy and Wellness Center is an independently owned pharmacy that's changing the way communities do pharmacy. We help empower patients through education while providing a multitude of services like prescriptions, point of care testing, a wellness center, and retail shopping. We believe wellness should affordable and accessible to all we are "Guiding You to Greater Health" through innovations, collaborations, and our friendly staff. 

Meet Suga Shakedown 

Suga Shake Down - Dance & Fitness, is a high energy choreography based fitness and dance craze. Specializing in keeping you engaged in your workout with explosive dance styles ranging from Hip Hop, Contemporary, Latin/Caribbean/Afro beat and Heel Dance all guaranteed to make you sweat! Remember it’s go hurt but it’s go let’s Shake Down those pounds!
Meet Spotlight Fitness
Spotlight fitness is studio located in South Charlotte, North Carolina. Our different services include personal, virtual, group and sport specific fitness training. We focus on providing high intensity workouts that are attainable for all fitness levels! You can check us out on Instagram: Spotlight.Fitness and Facebook: Spotlight Fitness for more information!
Meet Stand and Deliver
Stand and Deliver is a premier professional development firm. They take a unique approach to professional development by focusing on 4 pillars: speaking, consulting, coaching, and event collaborations. Whether it’s an individual professional or a corporate entity, Stand and Deliver are passionate and focused on serving professionals in taking their careers to higher heights.

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